Monday, March 1, 2021

HEY! LISTEN: Hollier -- "Jeff Buckley's Ghost"

As the doldrums of winter start to lift, my body is physically aching to go somewhere else. Hollier's got that wanderlust, too. After a barnstormer of a tour to promote his first EP, Hollier's resurrecting fond memories in "Jeff Buckley's Ghost." If the name sounds familiar, I featured "Wrestle My Heart" way back in episode 86 of the podcast. What I appreciate is Hollier's ability to dance between the lines of pop and alternative music: this could and should be on somebody's radio (don't worry -- the song "War Cry" has racked up 300k streams on Spotify), and his songs carry enough heft to make you feel something.

Photo by Sara Miller

Hailing from Louisiana, Hollier loves to incorporate heartland roots and alt rock in his music -- what's not to love? Never one to turn down a chance to tour, John and the band played over 60 shows from coast to coast in 2019 in support of his first EP. Spotify placed "War Cry" on their Rockin' Vibes and All New Rock playlists where it was streamed over 300k times. The song was later placed on Indie Folx "Best Songs of The Summer". With almost a full year of quarantining under his belt, John is excited to share fresh material starting with February's single release "Jeff Buckley's Ghost."

Hollier -- Official, Facebook, Instagram

Friday, February 26, 2021

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 160

Better late than never!!!

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Album of the Week: Ben Trickey -- We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed
Ben Trickey’s newest album, We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed, is his finest effort to date. It’s making me do things I haven’t for a long time: feel things, for example. But, most importantly, it made me feel sad when it ended because I wanted more. Trickey sings and writes with a prophetic voice reminiscent of Bill Mallonee of the Vigilantes of Love. While I feature some of the quieter songs on the podcast, Trickey can fill a stadium with his artful soundscapes, the soundtrack to despair, dread, and, in spite of it all, hope.
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  1. Mando Saenz -- “The Leaving Side” (All My Shame)
  2. Olivia Ellen Lloyd -- “Emily” (Loose Cannon)
  3. Tommy Alexander -- “River Run Down” (Single)
  4. Mo Kenney -- “Hard On You” (Single)
  5. Sarah Petite -- “The Misfits” (Rare Bird)
  6. Ben Trickey -- Mundane Supernova (We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed)
  7. Jim’s Not Dead -- “Can’t Stop Now” (Single)
  8. Embla and the Karidotters -- “Bergen Blues” (Howling)
  9. Charlie Treat -- “Drive My Blues Away” (The Comet)
  10. Wild Earp -- “Same Old Sorry Lesson” (Single)
  11. Amythyst Kiah -- “Black Myself” (Single)
  12. Casten Wong -- “Why On Earth” (Single)
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Thursday, February 25, 2021

PREMIERE: Victoria Bailey -- "Skid Row"

Victoria Bailey's spin on classic country will scratch your itch for music that's authentic and relevant to our times. Her debut album, Jesus, Red Wine, & Patsy Cline, is a warm collection of Bakersfield, western swing, and good old classic-style ballads. Bailey, who lives in Huntington Beach, has released a new version of the song "Skid Row." It's premiering here on Adobe & Teardrops, and she very kindly wrote to us about this new standalone single. You can listen below, read the lyrics, and presave the song to your favorite streaming service here.


What inspired you to write this song? What is it about?
“Skid Row” is a song deeply inspired by my curiosity of the “Bakersfield Sound” and from digging deep into the history of the country music that came out of California. A lot of people in Orange County (where I live) are always asking how I started playing country music being born and raised here. I feel like country music is really rooted in me so naturally. So many of my classic country heroes all came out of California… Buck Owens and Merle Haggard being two major ones for me. This song also gives a nod to one of my favorite honky tonk bars in LA that rests right in the middle of “Skid Row” called The Escondite.

The original version of this song appeared on your album, "Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline," that came out last year. What made you want to revisit this song and record a different version of it to release now?
I honestly was really happily surprised that this song resonated so well with people and really seemed to be a favorite off the album for listeners. It was important for me to go into the studio to track a few of the album songs acoustically, because that truly represents who I have been as an artist for the past decade. I have really learned so much and discovered my voice as a singer and writer singing solo, two or three nights a week in local bars and restaurants here. Singing this song solo, in a room with one mic, is the most vulnerable version of myself and was such a beautiful way to put a cap on the year of promoting this record. It also is a really special way of turning the page to the new music I am getting ready to release. 

Photo by Stefanie Vinsel Johnson

This song has such a great vibe to it and it sounds like it was fun to record in the studio. What was the recording session like for this song? Did you record it during the pandemic?
Thank you! It was really fun recording it! I do have to say though, after playing it with my band for quite some time now, I sure did miss them and hearing their solos. I recorded it in the beginning of the pandemic and have been in the studio several times since. I feel really blessed to still have the outlet to record and create during this wild time.

You are known for, and praised for, your lyrics. What's your favorite lyric line in the song? Why is it your favorite?
Oh, my goodness, that is SO kind. My favorite line from the song is “and all this time you thought you had to be from the South, to get a little respect for your country sound.” I really feel so lucky living here in California with my family, and I believe there is a really great pocket of musicians here that listen to and that are inspired by the classic/traditional country sound. It’s not only in the South, like some may assume, and I’m really thankful to be surrounded by friends and musicians who are also inspired by the music history here.

Tying in to that and digging a little more deeply, how do you feel being based in California has factored into the music you make?
Living between the desert and the ocean really has a big impact on my music. My experiences here and the people I’ve met throughout my life are woven into the stories I tell through my songs, and there are so many great musicians in Orange County and LA who have really inspired me lyrically. I’ve pulled a lot of inspiration from visiting Nashville over the years too though, and I pick up little pieces of inspiration traveling anywhere new. 

"Skid Row" will be available to stream tomorrow, February 26th. You can pre-save the song here.


Lyrics: "Skid Row" by Victoria Bailey

Have you ever heard of the Bakersfield sound
Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam’s town
and all this time you thought you had to be from the South
to get a little respect for your country sound
I’m tired as hell Angelenos
But I’m gonna walk your roads
Thank God for that one Honky Tonk Bar down on skid row
It’s where Buck met his friend, that old Dusty Roades
In Bakersfield where he called his car his home
It was 1951, when the Oakies were born
And they were playin that Western swing until the break of morn’
I’m tired as hell Angelenos
But I’m gonna walk your roads
Thank God for that one Honky Tonk Bar down on skid row
We may have lost some of those early pioneers
But I can still hear Ralph Mooney pickin’ that Pedal Steel
I might have grown up in the West
But I still can tack a horse
And I’ll ride her down Sunset Boulevard
I’m tired as hell Angelenos
But I’m gonna walk your roads
Thank God for that one Honky Tonk Bar down on skid row

Victoria Bailey -- Official, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

HEY! LISTEN: Duane Forrest -- "See The World"

Come for the steel guitar, stay for the uptempo vibes. Yeah, you read that right. Duane Forrest's "See the World" is a plea to understand the world around us in all its complexity: the good, the bad, the ugly, so to speak. And, more importantly to understand that world by questioning it, not simply observing things at face value. It's a pleasant-sounding song, with deceptively confrontational lyrics. You can hear for yourself below.

Photo by Mavis Harris

Forrest first gained attention in 2017, when he debuted his first musical theatre production, Climb, a live album experience based on his concept album of the same name. Toronto Fringe Festival founder Gregory Nixon described Duane’s show as “an engaging, multilayered work of song, storytelling and movement” and “one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe.” His forthcoming double jazz and fusion album builds on themes of love, heartbreak, BLM, and self-discovery, reflecting musically Duane’s growth as an artist and a human being. Aside from his innate drive to create beautiful things, Duane also has a passion for arts education. In 2011 he founded Genesis Community of the Arts, a registered Canadian charity offering music and arts education to marginalized children and youth in Toronto and Central America.

Duane Forrest --  Official, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

HEY! LISTEN: The Good Graces -- "Stopped Making Plans"

I don't know you all, but I can feel the length of this extended quarantine in my body. I feel a devastating sadness in the middle of every month, completely separate from my period (which means I get to feel it twice a month. Hooray!) Like many of you, I hit my pandemic wall this past week as the 11th month of hanging out on my couch. The Good Graces' new single, "Stopped Making Plans," arrived at just the right time: a gentle lamentation for everything we've lost in 2020 -- and are likely to lose in 2021.

Drummer-turned-songwriter Kim Ware started the Good Graces on a whim in 2006, after purchasing a beat up, old acoustic guitar she named Buzzy at the Lakewood Antiques Market in Atlanta. The songs quickly poured out of her, melodic stories of heartache and hope, set to three chords that she often didn’t know the name of. Since then, Ware and tGG have toured the east coast multiple times; paid musical visits to Texas, over to California, through the midwest; and showcased at such festivals as 30A, NXNE, and LEAF, where Ware was a finalist in the NewSong Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2019. 

Photo by John McNicholas

In spite of the song's title, Ware has been staying busy during the pandemic: in March 2020, she launched Kimono My House with a friend. A "virtual venue" on Facebook that was intended to keep Atlanta-area musicians connected despite isolation, the group quickly grew to include over 7K members from all over the world. She also recently launched a podcast, "Quarantuned With the Good Graces." With a new episode every week, the conversation-style podcast also focuses on staying connected and creative, despite what life throws at you.

Ware is currently working on recording her 6th full-length album, with producer Jerry Kee of Duck-Kee Studio in Mebane, NC

"This is very much my pandemic song. But it didn't start that way," Ware writes to Adobe & Teardrops. "I sat down to write a song for a songwriters' group I'm part of; the prompt was  'foreign language' so my mind went to other countries. Started thinking about travel plans that some friends of mine had made back in late 2019, but of course they never came to fruition. I'm a natural planner and it's so out of my nature to not be looking forward, planning the next show, vacation, or even the next restaurant where my husband and I will go eat. Now that I've got that song out and into the world, I'm writing things that are a bit more upbeat, but I think it was pretty important for me to get all of that out, in some way. "

The Good Graces -- Official, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Monday, February 22, 2021

HEY! LISTEN: Yoji -- "Old Fashioned"

Close your eyes, thrown on Yoji's new single "Old Fashioned," and pretend you're not in 2021. (And don't we all need that?) It isn't so much that Yoji's warm dedication to her partner, who treats her the old-fashioned way, is brimming with timeless lyrics. In the recording, Yoji's easygoing piano and a singing style very clearly inspired by '80s R&B combine to create a song that is both contemporary and classic.

Photo by Mae Munuo

Hailing from Suffolk, Yoji is a soulful pop singer and pianist. Inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, Yoji mainly writes heartfelt songs from experience and has won songwriting awards such as Fame Music & Coffee House Sessions, iluvlive and Vodafone Future Breakers. Yoji has released two EPs, OceanGovern SunshineRule and Life Like Jazz. Plus, she knows her stuff: Yoji recently completed a Masters in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, where she wrote and self-produced her recent singles "Twinkle Star" & "Satellite." The proceeds for "Satellite" will go towards the Samaritans charity.

Yoji -- Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Friday, February 19, 2021

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 159

I made some found poems out of the song titles! Hope you enjoy!


Album of the Week: Casper Allen -- The Magnolia Sessions

Casper Allen's got the perfect singing voice -- and his writing and playing aren't too far behind. This live recording, including some older songs and new songs that are being prepped for his solo debut, finds Allen at his rawest and most relaxed. We can hear him chatting with his girlfriend and the folks from Anti-Corporate Records who were manning the recording. In fact, it's this session that inspired the series.

I interviewed Aaron Lee Tasjan for Country Queer Spotlight! Listen here or subscribe on your podcast app!
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  1. Spencer Burton -- “Further” (Coyote)
  2. Katarina Pejak -- “Silver Little River"(Roads That Cross)
  3. Brooke Brown -- “I Don’t Chase Whiskey” (Single)
  4. Katie Dahl -- “Good Northern Ground” (Wildwood)
  5. Sam Phelps -- “Choices” (Talking to a Friend)
  6. Casper Allen -- Dirty Now (The Magnolia Sessions)
  7. Jeff Brown -- “A Death on the Midnight Special” (Single)
  8. Hailey Whitters -- “Fillin’ My Cup (feat. Little Big Town)” (Single)
  9. Greg Farley -- “Skippy” (Brown Bag)
  10. Katy Kirby -- “Juniper” (Cool Dry Place)
  11. Wet Leather -- “Everybody Else (Is Doing It on TV)” (Single)
  12. The Doubtfires -- “My Phone Is Full of George Jones” (Rumble and Clatter)
  13. Oh Susannah -- “In the Darkroom at the School” (A Girl in Teen City)
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