Friday, October 11, 2019

Adobe and Teardrops: Episode 83

Queer rights, grunge-inspired country, and comic books. Your usual Adobe & Teardrops episode!
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  1. EG Vines -- “Feel Again” (Family Business)
  2. Bradford Loomis -- “Chasing Stable” (Where the Light Ends)
  3. Caleb Young Band -- “Long Road Home” (Single)
  4. Michaela Anne -- “I’m Not the Fire” (Desert Dove)
  5. King of the Tramps -- “Wildwater” (Wild Water)
  6. Max Feinstein -- “Spratz” (Betamax)
  7. The Good Graces -- “Story to Tell” (Prose and Consciousness)
  8. Mary Gauthier -- “The War After the War” (Rifles and Rosary Beads)
  9. Jon Martin and Lovers -- “Young Hearts” (Single)
  10. Cherokee Death Cats -- “Do to Me” (Single) 
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: Kimmi Bitter -- "Country Ain't Country No More"

San Diego native Kimmi Bitter describes herself as "the sweet rebellion against a country industry whose chart-topping artists fit a predictable top 40 mold." She brings a sense of fun, witty wordplay, and high-octane energy to this honky-tonk jam. Sure, there are plenty of people out there railing against Top 40 country, but Bitter reminds us just how fun the music is supposed to be.

 Bitter writes, “Music is a tool for making human connection and people are hungry for it. A connection that thrives through empathy, vulnerability, authenticity, truth, flaws — and my songwriting is a vision directed towards that.”

Kimmi Bitter -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

PREMIERE: Caitlin Anne Webster -- "Powhatan River Blues"

If we have to do a reprise of the late 60s and early 70s -- complete with presidential impeachments, we might as well get the soundtrack, too. Caitlin Anne Webster's got the kind of rich, clear singing voice that would have made every beatnik drop their espresso and every hippie drop their doobie -- and make you drop your vape pen. "Powhatan River Blues" luxuriates in time, space, and musicality. It's a simple finger-picking pattern that showcases Webster's poise and insightful lyrics. Clocking in at five minutes, it's a reminder that we deserve to spread out and take things slow as much as possible.

Caitlin Anne Webster. Photo by Emily Quirk

Webster's been releasing music under her own name -- such as her solo EP Black Moon in 2015 -- and with her band Nightingale Rodeo. She cites Blaze Foley, The Deslondes, Nancy Sinatra, and Karen Dalton as influences. You'll hear all of that that on "Powhatan River Blues": wry humor, sincerity, and incredible singing.
 On “Powhatan River Blues,” Caitlin’s soulful vocals and compelling acoustic guitar take center stage. Inspired by a carefree day spent on the water with her sister, Webster brings a sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler time.

Transplanted from LA and now rooted in Tennessee, Webster has both a full-length solo project and a new record from Nightingale Rodeo coming down the pipes.

Caitlin Anne Webster -- Facebook, Bandcamp

Monday, October 7, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: Goldschatz -- "Darkest Times"

It's no secret that romantic chemistry makes for some intense music.  Whether it's the "blood harmony" of a couple deeply in love, or the joyous give-and-take of an inflamed passion, couples duets often make for dynamic listening. Goldschatz is no different -- comprised of Timothy Jaromir ("son of a bluesman") and Christina Rieder (who represented Switzerland in Eurovision as Rykka), the pair have turned their whirlwind romance into a passion project.

Or, as their bio puts it: "last year, these two, young and in love, ran off to the Canadian wilderness to tie the knot. Through their songwriting and live shows, you'll take a glimpse into what it's like to be bad-ass rebels in love in a world that is falling apart."

"Darkest Times," their new song, "touches on the ebb and flow of emotions sailing between love and agony." The song has a number of tempo shifts that take you places you won't expect, and Jaromir and Rieder's duet shows the pair's individual strengths -- and the heights their union takes them.

Goldschatz -- Facebook, Instagram

HEY! LISTEN: Patchwork -- "I Love the Sound of a Train"

We live in mixed-up, jumbled-up, screwed-up world and we know that it's good to slow things down. That's what I think of when I hear Patchwork's new song, "I Love the Sound of a Train." Normally I don't go for old-time music, but I loved the earthy warmth of Rick Garrett's voice -- especially when supported with soulful violin.

"I only started writing songs when I was 60 years old," Garrett writes. "This is pretty much an autobiographical song, about one of my favorite sounds in the world. It's part of a larger project I'm working on, an album of all original music about my early years in a coal mining town in East Tennessee."

 "I grew up listening to old timey music--the pre bluegrass music the folks in my little community played. I wanted to write a song in this style, capturing the spirit of the mountains I grew up in." Though the song is an original, you'd never know it from the lyrics -- a yearning for home and childhood that can now only be reached via a one-way ticket.

Patchwork -- Official, Facebook

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 82

It’s Rachel’s first live episode all by herself! Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Discord chat! (Want to hop on next time? Get more info at the Patreon -- link below!) Rosa also makes a guest appearance!
We get a little mellow this week. And honestly, couldn’t we all use that?
  1. Kelsey Waldon -- “Sunday’s Children” (White Noise/White Lines)
  2. Alexa Rose -- “Like a Child” (Medicine For Living)
  3. Scatterlings -- “Nashville Road” (Being Human)
  4. Daniel Martin Moore -- “Real Love Song” (Never Look Away)
  5. Susan Gibson -- “Antiques” (The Hard Stuff)
  6. Ultramizers -- “Blue” (Single)
  7. Monica Rizzio -- “Sunshine is Free” (Sunshine is Free)
  8. Keith Secola -- “NDN Kars” (Circle)
  9. Jamie McDell -- “Botox” (The Botox EP)
  10. Four in the Morning -- “Lucky Kids” (Half Asleep)

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HEY! LISTEN: Ted Z and the Wranglers -- "Corner Store"

Southern California's Ted Z and The Wranglers will steal your heart with their brand of sunshine-inflected outlaw country. Ted's catchy story-songs are fully-realized tales of love, regret, getting older and getting in trouble.

"Corner Store" is a refreshingly humorous track. The slide guitar hints at a lazy slyness, while the shuffling beat implies that maybe escaping a robbery from a sleepy little shop isn't quite that urgent. Ted Z and the Wranglers' chemistry creates a fun jam for early autumn porch nights.

The Wranglers are Collin Mclean (bass), Jackson Leverone (lead and slide guitar, vocals) and Jordan Lipp (drums). The band has honed it's sound on big stages and in biker bars alike. They get audiences dancing and bring them back for more.

Ted Z and the Wranglers -- Official, Facebook