Friday, May 22, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 120

Some really cool things have happened in the last few weeks! For me, personally, I got an article published in No Depression’s quarterly journal! You can buy your copy here
 This episode is a big boi because I also talk to Chris Prunckle. He’s the author and cartoonist behind Wannabe the Comic -- a music review comic strip. You can follow him at or on Instagram at @wannabethecomic
  1. Jason Isbell -- “It Gets Easier” (Reunions)
  2. Shameless James -- “Cigarettes and Amphetamines” (Single)
  3. Zach Aaron -- “Potato Salad” (Fill Dirt Wanted)
  4. The Federales -- “Dead Gulch Dan” (Honkytonks & Hangovers)
  5. The Roseline -- “Quartz or Digital” (G O O D / G R I E F)
  6. The Promised -- “I Ride” (Single)
  7. Rosalie -- “Fool’s Gold” (Single)
  8. Andrew Word -- ‘Heather’s Song” (Walk These Hills)
  9. Mike Thomas -- “Sure Feels Right” (Single)
  10. Qwiet Type -- “Little Ol’ Me” (Single)
Interview w/ Chris Pruckle featuring…
  • Gaslight Anthem -- “Miles Davis and the Cool” (The 59 Sound)
  • Horrible Crowes -- “Crush” (Elsie)
  • Brian Fallon -- “When You’re Ready” (Local Honey)
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Friday, May 15, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 119

In this episode, Rachel test drives a new format with none other than Cindy Emch of the Secret Emchy Society. Cindy is one of the pre-eminent voices of queer country music. In addition to her new album, The Chaser, out on 5/15, we discuss glory holes and queer porn (it’s family friendly!), New Orleans as a music city, isolation and intimacy while on tour, and vintage country sounds.
Cindy also has a radio show on Friday afternoons on Gimme Country -- if you like intersectional vintage-style country, download the app!  

  1. Jeff Brown -- “Melody” (The French King Was Decapitated)
  2. Carolyn Mark -- “In Another Time” (Come! Back! Special!)
  3. Sweet Water Warblers -- “Turn to Stone” (The Dream That Holds This Child)
  4. Pharis and Jason Romero -- “Kind Girl” (Bet on Love)
  5. Beckylin & Her Druthers - Get Behind Me Satan & Push (Mom is Always Right)
  6. Smokey Brights -- “Save Us Sarah” (I Love You But Damn”
  7. Jeremy and the Harlequins -- “Nervous Wreck” (Single)
  8. Whitacre -- “Southbound Train” (Seasons)
  9. Mercy Bell - Chocolate Milk & Whiskey (Mercy Bell)
  10. Jack Pine and The Fire -- “Rich in Time” (Single)
  11. Orville Peck -- “Summertime” (Single)
  12. Sam Doores - Let It Roll (Let it Roll)
  13. Thomas and the Empty Orchestra -- “Old Crow” (Single)
  14. Trixie Mattel - Stranger (Barbara)
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Friday, May 8, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 118

I’ve got a new fuzzy little co-host (NOT Von) and she joins us for this podcast! Also, a lot of fun new songs!

  1. Aloud -- “Hungry Land” (Sprezzatura)
  2. Gabe Lee -- “Honky Tonk Hell” (Honky Tonk Hell)
  3. Brendan and the Strangest Ways -- “We Can’t Beat Mercury” (Single)
  4. Sylvia Rose Novak -- “Little Sister” (South of Boulder)
  5. NOVA ONE -- “somebody” (loveable)
  6. Bad Flamingo -- “Bad Apple” (Single)
  7. Elijah Ocean -- “The Places We Came From” (Back to the Lander)
  8. The Sweater Set -- “Being Alone” (Fly On the Wall)
  9. The Old Yellers -- “Red Bird Calling” (Ten From Town)
  10. Katey Bell -- “You’ve Found Me Alone” (Little Town)
  11. Jonny Gold -- “How Do You Like Me Now” (the fever)
  12. Max Garcia Conover -- “Handsome Suit” (Single)
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

PREMIERE: Audrey and Hugh -- "Young, Loved, and Free"

If you enjoyed Audrey and Hugh's otherworldly harmonies on Episode 112 of Adobe & Teardrops, good news! There's a whole album of the duo's whimsical folk pop out on May 22nd! Sisterman, whose release was postponed due to our current preventable pandemic, derives its name from the connection between the two singers. The pair share a chemistry akin to blood harmony -- the phenomenon of people who have grown up singing together being perfectly attuned to each other.

Audrey MacAlpine and Hugh Trimble share an unabashed affinity for the classics (Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen) and a European background – both of which influence their unique Americana-meets-World sound. Produced by Grammy-winning sound engineer and producer Mitch Dane, and mastered by Pete Lyman, Audrey and Hugh’s debut album Sisterman presents an enchanting blend of global, folk, classic country, and Americana influences.

Here's what the duo has to say about "Young, Loved, and Free":

"'Young, Loved, and Free' is a song that has undergone quite a bit of change and growth. It was originally featured as the title track on Hugh’s 2014 solo album Another Ghost to Sleep. Since then it has evolved in more than its name. The song truly came into its own in the studio as we co-wrote and recorded our debut album Lily White Parade. Rewriting and arranging the song together perfectly captured the vitality and love that exists between us as friends and collaborators.

It is a song that celebrates connection and communication.The chorus is a call to action, to live one’s life unapologetically. We don’t feel the song is ageist, or simply addresses youth. We all arrive brand new to each coming moment. The fact that the future is uncertain means that life is really an endless parade of beginnings. Especially during these anxious, unprecedented times, we feel that this message of hope and opportunity is more important than ever. We hope 'Young Loved and Free' helps to remind you that you are not alone, and that by simply being yourself you contribute beauty and hope to the world."

Sisterman will be out on May 22nd.

Audrey and Hugh -- Official, Facebook, Instagram

Monday, May 4, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 117

Thank you to those who performed and donated at the 9th Anniversary show!
Here’s the GoFundMe link if you’d still like to support undocumented students and their families in New York State.
This episode was late because I’ve spent the week playing with my new dog, Bella! Whom you’ll hear and hear more about in the episode.
 This week we’ve got rockabilly, folk, punk, and just about everything in between -- as per usual! Jump on in!
  1. Devil Doll-- “Ballad of the Rearview Mirror” AND “Save Me a Seat” (Lover & A Fighter) 
  2. Saddlemen  -- “Talking In the Night” (Single)
  3. Olivia Awbrey -- “Pangaea Was a Supercontinent” AND “Advanced State of Decay” (Dishonorable Harvest)
  4. Brett Newski -- “Last Dance” AND “No Self Control” (Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down)
  5. Ryan Cassata -- “Catcher in the Rye” (The Witches Made Me Do It)
  6. Van Darien -- “What’s Killing Me ” AND “Gone” (Levee)
  7. Bradley Wik -- “I Started Killing Myself Years Ago” (music for depressed alcoholic autistic people)
  8. Craig Signals -- “Your God’s Name is Ambition” AND “Fear of the Airwaves (Are We Gonna Be Free?)” (Stop Experimenting On Us)
  9. Eric Harrison -- “Adrian” (Gratitude) 
  10. Liv Greene -- “New York’s Arms” (Every Bright Penny) 
  11. Hannah Connolly -- “Meet You There” (From Where You Are) 
  12. Brothers Strong -- “Didn’t Teach Me How to Love” (Not Enough to Go Around)
  13. Juhan Ongbrian -- “Walling Blues” (Single)
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Friday, April 24, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 116

Dont forget! RSVP for Adobe & Teardrops 9th Anniversary livestream bash here!
  1. Lucinda Williams -- “Man Without a Soul” (Good Souls Better Angels)
  2. Wares -- “Survival” (Survival)
  3. The Revenue Man -- “My Own Eulogy” (25 Years Behind)
  4. Norma MacDonald -- “Trick of the Light” (Old Future)
  5. Man of the Minch -- “Circles” (Single)
  6. Ben Bostick -- “The Last Coast” (Among the Faceless Crowd)
  7. Jeff Crosby -- “Out of My Hands” (Northstar)
  8. Elk Run + Riot -- “Castle Wolf” (Morning Light)
  9. Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society -- “Sallie Mae” (Single)
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