Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What do these bands have in common?

Cowboy Mouth -- "How Do You Tell Someone?"

Roxie Watson -- "Jolene"

Xylos -- "In The Bedroom"

In terms of genre, some more than others. In terms of performance style, not a whole lot.

But all four groups are extremely good at what they do. 

And, in their own ways, it's obviously that all of these people would explode if they didn't perform music in front of other people on a stage on a regular basis. It's like their lives depend on it.

And that's what makes the best art: people who deeply believe in what they're doing and pour their souls into it. God knows we need more of that attitude in every aspect of our lives these days: there's just no room for half-assing anymore. 

Most of the music featured here will have some kind of Americana influence to it -- Xylos is obviously the outlier here. But I'm open to listen to whatever: the music just has to be real.

The title comes from "Man on the Run," a Cowboy Mouth song and the name of my college radio show.

This blog will update every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (to accommodate my upcoming class schedule.) Hopefully I'll be able to stick to it! But there's only one way to find out.

Are you a band or artists that fits the above description? Do you know a band that does? Let me know!

Thanks for coming! Next up: The Black Keys and El Camino.

Cowboy Mouth: Official, Facebook, Spotify
Roxie Watson: Official, Facebook
Two-Cow Garage: Official, Facebook, Spotify

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