Friday, January 6, 2012

Musical Tarot Cards

Hey, gangbusters,

(That's you.)

I'm still trying to figure out how to set a few things up for my next entry, but I still want to stay on schedule. So I'm going to go ahead and steal from today's Ninebullets post and go for some musical tarot cards. I hope they're in my favor...but given the subject matter of most of my music, I'm not too optimistic.

1. "Science Fiction/Double Feature (Reprise)" -- Rocky Horror Picture Show

Who needs lyrics, anyway? I guess 2012 will be a life-changing (and sexually liberating?) adventure!
Science Fiction Double Feature by Various Artists on Grooveshark

2. "This Town Tonight" -- John Moreland

Screw frustrated ambitions. You have to live like you mean it. And as grad school and my grueling student teaching schedule amps up again, I'm glad I have John Moreland to tell me that.

3. "Angel in My View" -- Rachael Sage

I'll forgive the bastardized spelling of a great name. Duly noted: tell my lady I love her.

4. "See Willy Fly By" -- Graham Parker With the Waco Brothers

Okay, 2012. Teach me I need to keep believing in the impossible.

See Willy Fly By by Graham Parker with The Waco Brothers on Grooveshark

5. "God Makes the Rain" -- Cowboy Mouth

And a friendly reminder to avoid negative people and influences.

God Makes the Rain by Cowboy Mouth on Grooveshark

Hey! That wasn't so bad! Maybe 2012 will beat the odds as well.

How's your year looking?

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