Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm pleased to announce that I have the entire week off for Presidents' Day. (One of the few benefits of NYC public schools?) In honor of Georgie and Abe, let's celebrate American cultural imperialism!

Sorry Ok Yes, hailing from Milan, packs a two-fisted punch. In his e-mail to me, the lead singer, Davide Materazzi compared his band to The Pack AD. There's a lot of similarities -- the two-man garage-blues approach, the fuzzy guitars, and the 500% investment in their music. But I'd also direct fans of The Black Keys to this duo: danceable beats, catchy guitar hooks, and an overpowering sexuality that I don't see present in the Pack's music.

To Sorry Ok Yes's credit, they avoid coming off as repugnantly macho. There's nothing I hate more than cock rock, and you'll never hear it on this blog. Really, Sorry Ok Yes's is youth music at its best: they're singing about young peoples' problems while embracing an infections joie de vivre. I hope they come back to the States soon. 

Oh, and you can download all of their music for free, because they just don't give a damn about record labels.

Get more info, Facebook and Twitter links, etc. here.

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