Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Wild Heartache -- Comanche Girl EP

Hey, folks. This week is basically hellacious so here's a quick update with some news tidbits!

First, Great Wild Heartache, whom I reviewed a few days ago, just realized another EP! It's a few live tracks and it's essentially a rebuttal of what I wrote in my earlier review. The music is still fantastic, and it proves that they have more than two tricks up their sleeve. I can't wait for them to put out a full-length album. Plop down $7 for some good ol' Okie country.

 ALSO: Exciting CD releases! When I have a minute, I'll make this a permanent sidebar on the blog.

MONDAY (2/27) -- The Attic Stairs (Bandcamp) -- You'll hear more about these folks soon!
YESTERDAY (2/28) -- Amy Ray, Lung of Love  (Stream here)
YESTERDAY (2/28) -- Roxie Watson, Of Milestones and Moonpie (CD Baby, iTunes)
3/24(?) -- Arliss Nancy, Simple Machines
4/10 -- The Alabama Shakes, Boys and Girls
4/10 -- Tim Barry, 40 Miler
5/15 -- Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, There Is a Bomb in Gilead 

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