Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Washover Fans

Here's how I generally select music for this blog: usually while I'm doing something else. (True story!) If it "pops" out at me from the general background noise of the Internets, then there's something about it that makes it worth my attention. 

This is true of the Seattle-based The Washover Fans. The band sounds as if they are of one mind. The confidence, sensitivity, and instrumentation in "Yours" reminds me of The Low Anthem. All three vocalists are soulful and believable enough that they brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard them -- and I was having a great day. If you like your music on the awesome side then you should give them a listen.

A Ways

For two more songs by the Washover Fans, check out Americana Rock Mix.

The Washover Fans Official, Facebook, iTunes, CDBaby

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