Friday, March 16, 2012

The Basics: Soutaisei Riron

Hey, nerds! I can see the links you're clicking on and I know that none of you have donated to the Japan Society yet. So now I am just going to have to guilt you into it.

I am also writing this entry on a bus. The Internet is less than stellar, so today's entry is pretty stripped down. Apologies for the YouTube videos.

Today's band, Soutaisei Riron (The Theory of Relativity) is certainly not your typical Adobe and Teardrops fare. I find them hard to place -- they weave through elctronica, pop, reggae, jazz, and electronica with consummate skill. 

Etsuko Yakushimaru's childish voice can be off-putting at first, but there's no doubt that it merges perfectly with the trance-like music. Even a non-Japanese speaker can figure out that the lyrics rely heavily on repetition. (What you will not figure out is that there are a number of clever puns and rhetorical devices employed in a seemingly simple song.)

Plus, the music makes for oddly compelling workout music.


Though Soutaisei Riron is less obscure than Blue Angel, if you like what you hear just drop me an e-mail and I can hook you up.

Soutaisei Riron Official, Myspace

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