Monday, March 19, 2012

FREE MUSIC: The Attic Stairs

There are lots of things that make me proud of my alma mater. Unfortunately, our bands were not one of those things. Granted, we've got plenty of talented musicians. We have more a cappella groups per capita than any college campus on the planet (actually) and a fairly comprehensive music department. But other than a few truly fantastic novelty bands, few have made it past graduation.

With any luck, The Attic Stairs will be Haverford's first true breakout band. Dan Wriggins, the band's lead singer, is the consummate folk singer (not to mention an all-around cool dude.) The range of emotions the band conveys belies their relative youth (I believe they're all sophomores.) Thanks to a grant from the Students' Arts Fund and some supplementary cash from IndieGoGo, Dan, Alicia, Martin, Charlie, and Evangeline can deliver their music directly to your ears.

It's clear from this recording and their opening show for Spirit Family Reunion that The Attic Stairs are ready for prime time. Here's hoping that, by the time they graduate, the world will be ready for them.

The Attic Staris -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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