Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FREE MUSIC: The Grand Prospect

A few seconds into The Grand Prospect's EP I thought, "Are these guys really from Brooklyn?"

Because, frankly, they have too much soul and authenticity. As Tim Barry pointed out in "Fine Foods Market" (off his new CD) there are plenty of kids out there who have traded in their synthesizers and punk rock hair-dos for flannel and acoustic guitars. There's lots of folk coming out of BK these days, but lots of it continues in the vein of wispy, apathetic hipster music that was pooped out in the early aughts. I hate that shit.

The Grand Prospect is not one of those bands.

Warm, steady, comforting. This is back porch music (or, I guess, front stoop.) While I tend to prefer more fast-temp music, I think the band really shines with its ballads "Lights" and "I Wanna Take You Home." "Santa Rita," the last track on the EP, shows me that this band is going places. It could have come out of The Band's repertoire. And, yes, I'm going to stake my reputation on that claim.

Their Twitter says they're recording a full-length album. I can't wait for it drop.

The Grand Prospect -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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