Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Single From The Only Sons

The Only Sons are a gritty little band from Murfeesboro, Tennessee. Not gritty in the "Frank Miller gritty reboot" sense of the word, but in the sense that when I listen to them, I can feel the dust from a dirt road I'm not driving down work its way into my teeth.

You can download their first album, Steel Hearts, for free on their website. Though I enjoy the album, it feels as if the band is still getting a grip on their songwriting. What I've heard so far from their forthcoming album, When The New Wears Off, suggests significantly more polish without losing any of the sensibilities that make The Only Sons stand out.

The new single, "Bully," should make all of you super excited for the album's release on April 24th.

Word on the street is that they'll be touring along the East Coast with Two Cow Garage in May. I'm already stoked.

The Only Sons -- Official, Facebook

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