Friday, April 13, 2012

NEW SONG: Brother Dege -- "Wehyah"

Brother Dege is spooky.

But he's X-Files-spooky -- the kind of spooky that lingers with you 24 hours after the fact, because it's just that convincing. His music is not the kind of overwrought eeriness that so many folkies strain for -- as you know, longtime reader, I detest the use of macabre as a gimmick.

After listening to his new song, "Wehyah," I turned to Spotify to check out his catalog. His first album, Folk Songs of the American Longhair is available for your thrill-seeking pleasure.

"Wehyah" reminds me of a Pixies song, and don't think that's not a compliment. I went through a Pixies phase before I discovered alt country, and whenever I listened to "Silver" I wished that they had put out entire albums that sounded like that. It was my first taste of non-kitschy country.

So enjoy -- I'm super stoked for the release of his sophomore album, How to Kill a Horse. If you happen to be going to Jazz Fest, be sure to check out his show.

Brother Dege -- Official, Spotify


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