Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tim Barry -- 40 Miler

Sorry about the sporadic updates lately -- between the holidays and job applications and life Adobe and Teardrops had to go on the backburner this weekend. But now it's a Tim Barry Tuesday! Awesome!

Tim Barry is like a honey badger. He don't care. And he don't take no shit. If somebody asked me to talk about the American ideals of rugged individualism, I'd just hand them Tim Barry's catalog. Often empowering, sometimes abrasive, Tim Barry bares his soul in a way that few singer-songwriters are brave enough to do.

40 Miler is significantly more upbeat than his last couple of releases, which is a pleasant change -- mostly because I would listen to these songs and start to get worried about Tim. Though the album covers his well-trodden themes -- love, loneliness, jumping onto trains and riding them to wherever -- Tim Barry has traded in his world-weariness for contentment. It sure doesn't hurt his sound.

You'll probably see this album again at the end of the year on my "best of" list. So be a cool kid and buy it now.

Stream it here, and then buy it here.

Tim Barry -- Official, Facebook, Spotify

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