Monday, June 11, 2012

Concert Review: Dar Williams -- Bryn Mawr Gazebo, Bryn Mawr PA

I went to a college full of gentle, self-conscious, socially awkward people. Our "sister" college was Bryn Mawr. This was my first introduction to Dar Williams (no need to watch past 1:48):

I'm somewhere off the left-hand edge of the screen thinking, "What. Is. This?" And yes, they are chanting "Hey, ho, the Patriarchy has got to go!"

So even though it was given in the center of town during the summer, I kind of expected the concert to be a lot like that. I just assumed that every lesbian within a ten-mile radius of Bryn Mawr would be there. Fortunately, the whole thing was much more sedate than I had anticipated.

This was one of the first times I had gone to a concert and wasn't familiar with or especially interested in the artist's music. ("Iowa" is a special song for me and the little lady, but that's my only real entry point into her music.) Needless to say, even though I didn't have a good view (hence no attempt at pictures) I was entranced by Dar's music. Poised, warm, and good-humored, she was a lot of fun to watch. Also, watching her encourage the small children of the town to come forward and dance with her was enough to make me want to give up my plans for a career and stay home and raise a million babies.

The songs from her new album, In The Time of Gods are equally magical. Only in the capable hands of a songwriter like Dar can a concept album about Greek mythology transcend the corny platitudes that others might fall prey to.

Listen to In The Time of Gods

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