Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pride Month 2012: Karen and the Sorrows -- Ocean-Born Mary

Who says there's no such thing as queer country?

Every month, Karen and the Sorrows host a monthly party that showcases LGBTQ Americana artists. (Sadly, it's in Brooklyn.) I made it to Branded last month, but by the time I got there the place was PACKED. I recommend getting there early.

Unfortunately, I did not see any of the artists. Fortunately, Karen and the Sorrows just released a new EP.

Ocean-Born Mary is a shining example of quality over quantity. The EP is essentially a four-part suite, the tale of an avenging ghost. All four parts of the tale are tightly constructed. Lyrically, we are invited to watch the development of a hungry woman into a hungry ghost. The best word I can think of when describing these talented musicians is "graceful" -- everything simply fits into place.

This is a truly beautiful little recording. I'm looking forward to catching up on their back catalog and seeing them at a future Gay Ole Opry show.

Karen and the Sorrows --Official, Facebook

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