Friday, June 29, 2012

Pride Month 2012: Sarah Walk -- White Noise EP

In case you all missed it, my mini mix was featured on yesterday's Americana Rock Mix podcast! Von, who does the podcast, is a really great guy and has been a mentor for me as I've gotten Adobe and Teardrops off the ground. So check out the podcast and leave him a friendly comment!

Meanwhile, we'll conclude our month-long celebration of Pride with Sarah Walk's brand-spankin'-new EP!

It is available for FREE on her website, though I encourage you to give her a donation if you like it.

Sarah Walk describes her music as "piano rock," but let me tell you something: this is not your Ben Folds Five kind of piano rock. This music is aggressive, raw, and challenging.

And let me tell you something else: as an instrument, I pretty much despise the piano. Organs, yes. Pianos? Can't stand them.

But I love Sarah Walk's music. I happened to see her perform at the Tinderbox Festival and found my jaw dropping just a little bit. Walk, bassist Lenny Brown and drummer Ale Giuliani achieved the abandonment and emotional intensity that every performer worth his or her salt strives for. It's the moment we look for when we watch live music. This time, the trio has achieved an even rarer feat: transmitting that intensity through their recorded music.

"I Don't Mind" has been stuck in my head for the last seven months. I'm glad I finally get to listen to it whenever I want now.

I Don't Mind
Woke Me Up

Sarah Walk -- Official

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