Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pride Month: Dave End -- How to Hold Your Own Hand

Hey, you look like you could use a smile.

Not because you look down, but because we could all use a little more lightheartedness.

I think that's where Dave End is coming from in his endearing acoustic pop.


The first (and only) time I heard Dave, he performed at our college for our GSA's fledgling attempt at hosting a queer music concert. (I tried again the next year -- it crashed and burned miserably.) It seems as if he's virtually disappeared from the Internet since then. 

Wherever he is, I hope he's OK. His songs blend a courageous optimism with wide-eyed innocence and boundless optimism. I never listen to this album without finding something new -- clever wordplay, a new layer to his seemingly simplistic pop. 

The songs are (in my opinion) the truest example of what it's like to be an awkward baby gay on a college campus in the 2000s. They got me through that stage, at least.

He seems to have joined a drag group called Gender Fabulous!, but they seem to be no longer active. If anyone out there has any information about Dave, let me know.


  1. I think about Dave all the time. I saw him perform one time at kimya dawsons bithday party and I was floored. I hope he's okay.

    1. Thanks for writing!

      I did a little Internet sleuthing and found that this artist now goes by the name Maeve. I read this on a freak folk forum somewhere but can no longer find the link.