Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pride Month: Town and Country -- "Everyone Wants to Say I Do"

Where would the LGBTQ community be without straight Allies? Critiquing each other's clothing, that's where.

For reals, though, building bridges across communities is important for any political movement. Studies show that people across the US accept marriage equality -- regardless of political affiliation.

So in a genre that seems to be hostile to out male singers, it's refreshing to hear two Allies speak their mind about an important political issue. And it's nice to hear some twang and a silky country bass voice to accompany it.

How cute are those wedding videos? You'd have to be one heartless bastard to deny that happiness to over 10% of the country.

Just saying.

Read an interview with Town and Country here on No Depression.

Town and Country's Official Site

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