Monday, July 16, 2012

FREE MUSIC: Fire Mountain

You've heard this music before.  But as you focus on the lyrics, you realize you actually don't know the song at all.

That's the impression I get from listening to Fire Mountain, anyway. This Alabama-based band has taken the best of 90s jangle pop, indie rock, and folk to create a distinctive sound. Like The Sparklers, they've taken a familiar formula and have reshaped it for our times with great success.

Plus, they're bringing sexy back by rocking some serious suspenders.

It's not just that the band is so earnest -- their lyrics are smart, too. Ever thought you'd hear the words "cranial crater" in a song? I didn't, either. Though Fire Mountain veers toward the darker side of things, they never let their Gothic outweigh their Southern.

The band's two EPs and a live album are available on Bandcamp. I recommend checking out the EPs first, since the sound quality is somewhat more lush. And I'm nice enough to put all three up here.

Fire Mountain -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook

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