Monday, July 9, 2012

Herman Put Down the Gun -- EP

Sonia Tetlow just released a few songs from one of her previous (or should I say latent?) projects, Herman Put Down the Gun. And you should listen to it.

Not only does the cover conveniently match the color palate on this here electronic publication, but the music is as stellar as can be expected from a woman of such grace and talent. Over the years, Tetlow has drawn comparisons to Patti Smith. The comparison has not been more fitting than the six songs arrayed here. Tetlow's mystical lyrics and primal vocals, held aloft by Lee Valentine's gorgeous basslines and Linda Bolley's pounding rhythms, carry us to corners of our consciousness that we rarely visit when we're awake.

Here's another comparison for you: remember that eleven-minute song on Sleater-Kinney's last album, "Let's Call it Love?"  If you don't, imagine if somebody gave Led Zeppelin a formal introduction to riot grrl. Give it a few years to mature, and you have these songs from Herman Put Down the Gun.

Though you can name your price for it on Bandcamp, help support some of the bravest musicians you've listened to in a good long time.

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