Friday, July 6, 2012

Johnny Hickman -- Tilting

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But on to today's review: Johnny Hickman's masterful Tilting.

As we found with Jonathan Segel, this seems to be a good year for people who work with David Lowery and are named Jonathan. The opening song, "Measure of a Man" is clearly the song of a confident songwriter. Over the course of its four minutes and thirty seconds, what seems like a simple anthem unfolds into something much more expansive. After all, you can't judge the measure of a man based on first impressions.

The rest of the songs here live up to the sweeping nature of the opening track: politics, romance, life on the road, character sketches, all spanning the many subgenres of Americana. Johnny Hickman knows what he's doing, and you should buy this album so you can enjoy it.

Measure of a Man
Destiny Misspent
Sick Cynthia Thing

Johnny Hickman -- Official, Amazon

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