Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sometimes Family -- Fun With Heartbreak

It is a universally known fact that music writers are terrible writers. Prone to cliches, platitudes, and gross generalizations, we burden ourselves with the task of describing the intangible qualities of the music we try to make you buy. So I really hate it when music writers say things like "This album is perfect to listen to while training your pet ocelot."

Personally, I listen to music to heighten or help me process an already heightened emotional state. I'm not interested in creating a specific atmosphere. Truly good music demands to be listened to -- it shouldn't be background filler.

But once I got to track two on Fun With Heartbreak, I realized this neo-blue-eyed soul throwback is the perfect summer album. You can't help dropping what you're doing to dig these grooves.

Truly, dear reader, I have pulled off all of the writerly tricks I despise just to tell you how great this EP is.

This stuff is pitch-perfect. Other than lyrics about listening to "Internet radio," Fun With Heartbreak is practically a time-machine. I have a hard time not dancing in my seat while listening to this.

So without further ado, here it is:

The Sometimes Family -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook

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