Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cobalt and the Hired Guns -- Everybody Wins

Let's start this one out with any preamble: if you are going to buy an album off of Bandcamp, let it be this one.

Cobalt and the Hired Guns' Americana-tinged pop punk is a joy to listen to. The debut track, "Like You Like Me Like Me" embodies the band's ethos: energetic without being aggressive, funny without being silly. Guitarist Tom Fort dedicate the song -- a ballad of mixed signals -- to "every girl he had ever met between the ages of ten and twenty." My friends and I felt that awkward romance does not, in fact, die when you hit your twenties.

The trio have been friends since childhood and it shows in their music. You can tell they've been dreaming of becoming rock stars together forever. There is a confidence in Cobalt's music that can only come from knowing exactly what you want. Given the dire times we're living in these days, it's refreshing to find a band that brings a sense of fun and joy to their music while still having something to say. I'm looking forward to their continued success.

Cobalt and the Hired Guns -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook


  1. Wow. Rachel. You just rocked my world. I'm glowing.

  2. It's kind of what I do.

    But for reals, I really enjoyed your show, even though I only got to see the last half of it. (I misjudged when the set would start.) I hope you guys make it back to NYC soon!

    1. and when we do, we'll certainly let you know.