Friday, August 31, 2012

FREE MUSIC: The Blind Owl Band -- Rabble Rousing

 Ready, set, go. It's time to put on those dancing shoes.

Though, to be honest, it seems like you'd be better off running barefoot through the grass while you're listening to The Blind Owl Band's Rabble Rousing.

Either way, it's hard to resist the urge to move your body about joyfully as you indulge in this upstate New York quartet's newgrass (I qualify it because of the electric bass.) David Horton's eclectic blog featured the band recently, and I felt like I just had to tell you, Dear Reader, about them.

Supremely competent musicians, the Blind Owl Band clearly know where they're coming from and know where they're headed. I am already awaiting their sophomore effort.  

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  1. Well thanks for the tip-off! I can't believe you're not on my blogroll. I'll fix that now.