Monday, August 6, 2012

FREE MUSIC: Uncle Leon and the Alibis

Recently a friend of mine and I debated the value of opening bands. As he put it, openers are there because they either haven't gotten famous yet, or they're not famous for a very, very good reason. The way I see it, I paid X dollars for live music, and I'm going to get my money's worth. Besides, when they're in the latter category you discover great new music.

Uncle Leon and the Alibis opened for Two Cow Garage on Saturday. They made the many lackluster opening sets I've sat through completely worth it. The raucous, opening chords scorched Union Hall's walls. In the finest of cowpunk tradition, Uncle Leon's blazing rockabilly is rivaled only by the clever lyrics.

If you weren't there to see them tear the place down, you can download a demo of four live tracks that captures the band's energy. Alas, the crowd-pleaser "Whiskey, Weed, and Big-Tittied Women" is not available for download. Here's hoping it's on their upcoming album.

Cousin Dan
All My Friends Got Old and Lame

Uncle Leon and the Alibis -- Official, Facebook

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  1. Uncle Leon and the Alibis NEVER disappoint - love these guys - their lyrics, their style and the way they rock country music! I've been a HUGE fan for a very long time and cannot wait for their upcoming album and although they definitely know how to tear it up they also know how to touch your heartstrings with lyrics like = "I'll bring drugstore roses and a six-pack" as only one small example of their honky tonk genius! Long Live Uncle Leon & the Alibis!!