Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Furious Frank

It's almost as if someone in Furious Frank saw this blog's description -- as a repository for anything with guitars -- and said, "OK. We can do that."

 "Eclectic" is really the operative word here. The band ricochets between folk and gypsy stomp faster than a drum fill. But they bring the same madcap, off-kilter energy throughout the work such that even if you don't love every song (like me) you can't help but tap your foot or (like me) dance in your seat.

Furious Frank is bringing some truly original music to the table -- a fresh concoction that is, frankly, rare even in this little rockacountrybluesipunkaChristmaKwanzaaKah music community of ours. But they're much more than a novelty act -- there's a sense of purpose here that will only become more refined with time and experience. So if you are in need of a little polka-influenced whimsy, hit the ol' play button below and hit up the ol' CDBaby link below that.

Furious Frank -- Official, Facebook, CDBaby

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