Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Friend -- Good Friend EP

Here is a review of a three-song EP. But since Good Friend seems to have all but vanished off the face of the Internet, I'm assuming they won't mind if it's a short one.

In one sentence: this is worth the three pounds (what is that? Five dollars?)

The band had described itself as "lion-hearted" punk, and that's the kind of music we're looking for on Adobe and Teardrops. My personal favorite is "Dance On, Graves." As far as I'm concerned, it should be the anthem for self-reinvention.

Wherever these guys are now, I hope they're in good places. Stream the album, buy it. Maybe they'll magically re-coalesce and make a few more songs? Because that'd be pretty awesome.


  1. Hey Rachel,

    Great call on this band! Also great reviews on Sad & French and Uncle Leon...I was at Union Hall that night and you pretty much nailed it. (As you did with Micah's solo show a month ago, which I also attended).

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Ray! They actually approached me, and now their Twitter account is gone. Sadsies.

    Would I recognize you from the concerts? I've got short, Conan O'Brien-ish red hair. (And, obviously, I'm a lady.)

    May I ask how you found out about the blog?

    Hope you keep reading!


  3. Too bad about Good Friend's disappearance from twitter. Not sure if you'd recognize me...medium height shaved head, little black soul patch thing goin' on (sort of Howie Mandel-ish). I'm sure we've been to many of the same shows over time. You planning on hitting anything in the near future?

    As for finding your blog...I'd seen a FB post from Sad & French on your write-up and then Von from Americana Rock Mix played some Uncle Leon on his podcast and when I told him that I'd just seen them open for 2CG he told me about you. In any event, I laughed with him about how small a community all of this really is since I'd just stumbled upon your blog the day before.

    Ray (@mundo259)

  4. Well I guess that's how this new-fangled social networking stuff works!

    I think I remember you wearing a Mostly Harmless t-shirt at the Sad and French/Micah show?

    I need to be better about listening to AMR and Mostly Harmless. The problem (though it's a good one) is that I'm generally not at my desk for an hour at a time. I'm also not sure I see the value in listening to long-form interviews of artists I don't know anything about, but I guess I should ask Damien to convince me otherwise!

  5. As for shows - the PR group that invited me to The Damn Choir gave me a press pass for a show on Friday at the Bowery Electric. The band is called Cobalt and the Hired Guns. Very poppy, but sometimes you need that.

    Also the Gourds on the 28th, possible Girls Guns and Glory at Rodeo Bar on the 23rd?

    I'm about to start my first year of teaching, so I need to get my concerts in now. Lee Baines just announced a show here for September 9, but that's a Sunday so I doubt I'll be going. Super bummed.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed...that was me. Good memory.

    I enjoy listening to both those podcasts in order to hear new stuff (Von has turned me onto a bunch of bands I might not have ever found otherwise). But Damien is an hysterical interviewer so I just enjoy listening to his rambles anyway. Then again, I get to listen to them on my hour commute to work so that makes it easy for me.

    I'd like to catch GGG but I'm not a big fan of Rodeo Bar. Unless you have a front table, the sight-lines are horrible(IMHO). I like Bowery Electric as a venue. Saw the District Attorneys there last month. As for Lee Baines, try to make the effort. I saw them when they opened for Alabama Shakes and as much as I like the AS, LBIII&GFs almost stole the show for me.

    One which you should keep in mind is American Aquarium at Hill Country BBQ on 9/5. I'm thinking of hitting Sharon Jones at Williamsburg Park on Saturday but I'm not sure if I want to brave the hipster crowds solo...we'll see I guess.

  7. weeknight concerts for me, unfortunately. I showed up to student teaching super hungover once -- didn't even have to do anything, just watch the kids draw stuff -- and it was the most miserable experience ever. So maybe if Lee Baines goes on at, like, 8.

    Same goes for American Aquarium -- the 6th is the first day of school, so I need to be at 125% energy!

    I love Rodeo Bar as a place. Just had my birthday party there. But the concert area is less than ideal. I forget why I skipped the District Attorneys show...July was the kind of month were Netflix was more compelling than the real world.

    Thanks for letting me know about Sharon Jones -- didn't have any particular plans this weekend but now it'll be on my calendar!

  8. I can understand not wanting to deal with kids while under the weather (especially on your first day). I agree with you about the Rodeo, it is a great place but just not my favorite venue to see a band...but then again, the shows are generally free so who am I to complain. Speaking of free, the Sharon Jones show is a freebie as well. Something tells me that if we both decide to go, it might be a little bit more crowded than Union Hall (ha ha).