Monday, September 10, 2012

MilkDrive -- Waves

I survived my first two days of school -- 178 to go! I realized that I never actually posted the music that went with my TCG entry, so feel free to take a gander at that.

Now, on to business.

My mom is really into classical music. I grew up listening to WQXR, NYC's classical music station, wondering how they managed to produce a listener's top 100 list every year. After all, it's not like the content changes that much. She points out that the difference lies in the performances. I don't know enough about the music to judge -- it all sounds the same to me after a while.

However, MilkDrive's Waves has taught me a lesson about music appreciation. Noah Jeffries, Dennis Ludiker, Brian Bekin, and Matt Medford's commanding performances make Waves a standout album.

 The Redwall-like cover is another reason to love this album.

The Austin-based group describes itself as "jazzgrass." Certainly, they pay homage to their roots foundation, but their faultless musical intuition allows them to expand Americana's boundaries. MilkDrive is creating something new and significant, and Waves allows us to stand back and watch breathlessly as the band climbs to death-defying heights.

MilkDrive -- Official, Facebook, Buy Waves

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