Monday, September 3, 2012

The Tressels -- American Sunset

Here are three things you should know about Philadelphia-based band The Tressels:

1) They are opening for A&T favorites The Sparklers HERE IN NEW YORK FUCKIN' CITY on Saturday, at The Alphabet Lounge. You'd be crazy not to go. Who wouldn't want to see these dapper gents face-to-face?

2) They already have a Kickstarter project going to finish post-production on their fourth album, which will be sequel to the one reviewed below. And I promise you're gonna love it so much you will throw DOLLAR DOLLAR bills at the band.

3) American Sunset is a great album. And you can name your price for it on Bandcamp. Like The Sparklers, The Tressels have embraced an early nineties country-rock ethos. Clocking in at a mere six songs, it's clear that the band carefully pruned their material to create the best album they could offer -- and the effort certainly shows. The album begins carefully with "Wolves," a contemplative, steel guitar-laced crooner that transitions to a heavier anthem. However, it soon crescendos with rockers "Tell Me a Secret" and "Wilma," which should make you fall in love if you haven't already.

I will say that, after listening to the album, I felt the writing could have used some maturation. The single from the next album in the band's American Trilogy, American Midnight, shows that progress. And you should drop some money on it.

The Tressels --Official, Facebook, Bandcamp, Kickstarter

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