Monday, October 22, 2012

The Local Strangers -- Left For Better

Sorry for the lack of updates, y'all. Apparently, if I don't write these things over the weekend, they just don't get written at all. To make it up to you, I'll try to write a new post for every day this week.

Today I'd like to give you a reason to look forward to November 5th, because that's when the first full-length album by Seattle's The Local Strangers will debut.

Matt Hart (formerly of Cobalt and the Hired Guns) and Aubrey Zoli are the duo who front this acoustic-inspired band. The music is very obviously Americana-inspired, though "twangy" is hardly a word that could be used to describe Left For Better. That being said, neither can "pop." Left For Better successfully navigates the waters between folk and pop without coming off as twee. Thank God.

Zoli's singing steals the show. Hands down. My favorite songs on the album, though, are those that feature both singers prominently. The lead-off single (which you can download for free from Bandcamp) is also the album's first track. Things slow down for a bit, but by track four the album has picked up steam and runs straight to the finish line.

The Local Strangers will be touring the Northeast this fall. You better make sure you go out and see them.

The Local Strangers -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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