Friday, November 30, 2012

First Aid Kit -- The Lion's Roar

Lately, we've been blessed with a sudden wave of Scandinavians adapting Americana (I'm looking at you, Of Monsters and Men.) But First Aid Kit bring something new to the table. They have a much earthier tone than what I typically associate with music from countries that are riddled with SAD.

The songs feel lived-in, which is no small feat considering how young the two sisters who comprise First Aid Kit actually are (22 and 19. Ugh. Now I feel old and unaccomplished. Also, since when were people born after 1990?)

The sisters' spot-on harmonization and intricate musical layers bring The Indigo Girls to mind, but where Amy Ray goes for the emotional suckerpunch, First Aid Kit prefers to stay above the fray. Intimate but detached, contemplative but immediate, The Lion's Roar deserves multiple listens.

First Aid Kit -- Official, Spotify

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