Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hero Jr. -- Backup Plan

This is my reaction to Hero Jr.'s debut album: holy shit.

The debut track, "Ann Boleyn" is worth the price of admission alone. I picked the other two songs featured here basically at random -- there is no dead weight on this album. Each song is a powerhouse of hook-laden melodic rock. It's the magical blend of '70s groove, '80s brashness, '90s hooks, and millennial pop.

Considering the volume of music I listen to (and the metric tons of other things occupying my mind), it is an Olympian achievement that Hero Jr. has been a constant earworm since my first spin of the album. In short, it's unforgettable.

Ann Boleyn
Strongest Weakness
Bottom of the End

Hero Jr. -- Official, Facebook, CD Baby


  1. In total agreement. I've listened to this CD 100's of times now and I am still shocked and amazed every time I listen. Bottom of the End??? Listen to it 3 more time and see how you feel. If you love this CD, you need to get their first CD and Evan's solo CD. They are just as amazing. To see these guys LIVE made me believe in music again. DON'T MISS THEM!!!

  2. Thanks be to Adobe and Teardrops for getting Hero Jr.'s "Backup Plan" album SO, SO RIGHT ON!! I've followed this band from the beginning and they are a truly incredible and unique mix of muscicality, lyrics and GREAT song writing. They're FANTASTIC "live"....a fire ball of entertainerment truly not to be missed. Thanks again A&T...rock on!

  3. Thanks for reading! Come back early and often! :) I'll definitely check out their other material!