Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

If you're reading this, you've contributed to making the past year really great.

I've been telling all sorts of new acquaintances (dates, coworkers, students) that I have a music blog. I act like it's a pretty dorky thing (I mean, it is a pretty dorky thing) but folks seem impressed nevertheless.

I do feel a sense of accomplishment. There are essentially two reasons I started Adobe & Teardrops: 1) to give exposure to artists who didn't quite fit into my favorite music blogs, but who I felt fit quite nicely in a broader spectrum of music and 2) to stop having to choose between buying food and buying concert tickets. (There was one pretty hairy weekend where I went to a Two Cow Garage show and had to survive on rice cakes.)

BUT now I'm not a grad student anymore and I've been put on the guest list for multiple shows, been sought after by bands and publicists, and am on the press list for some really great record labels, for whom I'll happily spread the gospel of their tunes.

As I explained to my students, I decided I was going to create a project, I set some goals for myself, and now I'm achieving them. And that's a pretty great feeling.

I've made new music friends across the country as well. To those who have left comments, follow on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. thanks for continuing the conversation about our best friend: music.

I'd especially like to thank Von from Americana Rock Mix for fielding my questions over the past year. Listen to his podcast if you don't already.

So what's on tap for next year? To be honest, maintaining the three-day update schedule would be nice, especially with my teaching load. I think I've finally gotten the hang of it, though.

I'd love to increase readership. You can help me out by sharing the link to this ol' blog with your friends.

I'm also looking to continue to increase the diversity of music featured on this blog. If you have music to suggest, send it my way. Meanwhile, I'll keep working on those bigger labels and hope they'll add me to their press list.

One last note: I went back to my first entry, hoping it would help me figure out what to write. I clicked on the video for "What Dying is For" because why not? I could use some pump-up music. I walk out of the room to try some cookies that my roommate brings home. When I get back he says,

"PLEASE turn that crap off. Or at least put on some headphones."
"What? You can barely hear it."
"Yeah but I can hear the bass..." He hums a few bars. "It's terrible."
"The song's barely started!"
"Oh but I know it's just going to get worse from there. I remember from my days of listening to Fall Out Boy."
"...If you keep comparing this band to Fall Out Boy I'm actually going to kill you."

So. Thanks to you folks for understanding.


  1. Happy Birthday Rach! Keep up the great work.

  2. Well, it would appear that I'm a few days late to the party...

    I don't think that I became acquainted with this blog until sometime in the first quarter of this year, but I can attest to the fact that there's been a lot of growth. You've accomplished a lot in a 1 year span. I remember back when you had to "get a few months under your belt" before a *certain* site would even accept you into the fold. And now you've got all the things listed above to brag about. The fact that you made it past 6 months (the standard life span of a blog) is a testament of your dedication to the cause. I WISH I could find such a dedicated blogger for the AmericanaRoots site. But as they say, the good ones are already taken. ;)

    And as always, I'm here to help you with any questions. I'm just glad I didn't lead you in the wrong direction. haha.

    Great job, and Happy Birthday to A&T.

  3. Thanks, Ray and Von!

    That *certain* site still hasn't accepted my application. Their loss!