Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joey Kneiser -- Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart

If you haven't listened to Glossary's most recent album, Long Live All of Us, you should. It's a shot of measured optimism and a quiet celebration of life -- something we could all use.

Shortly after completing that album, lead singer Joey Kneiser began work on his own EP, Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart.

The EP, in my opinion, picks up where Long Live All of Us left off. Kneiser has stated that he wanted to make something a little darker, yet with a "spark" of hope. Though Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart is certainly more muted, I don't think it's darker at all. Maybe a little sad, but never crushing.

My favorite song by far is "Dark Creek Bridge," a meditation on a lost love. (You'll notice that's a recurring theme here this week. Sorry.) 

Joey Kneiser -- Glossary Official, Facebook, Download on This is American Music

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