Monday, December 3, 2012

The Creak -- Here Hold This

This Friday will be Adobe & Teardrops's first birthday! It seems fitting to kick off the blog's birthday week with The Creak. They were the first band to send me stuff in the mail, which made me feel like a legitimate blogger.

The San Francisco-based band's second LP is as witty as their debut, Here's to Feeling Bad All the Time. In spite of The Creak's bleak lyrics, the band brings a sense of fun to their group person, as evidenced by their jacket art:

I mean, a postapocalyptic bluegrass band? Sure. Why not.

The Creak bring a joi de vivre to their music that is, unfortunately, all too rare. And I can now say that with a year of listening to everything that found its way to my inbox. These guys are a standout band, and it's worth your while to give Here, Hold This a home on your hard drive. After all, it's cheap as free.

The Creak -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp


  1. The cover to this album wins "Best Hipster Album Cover of the Year" award.