Monday, January 14, 2013

Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars -- Heart In A Mason Jar

Heart In a Mason Jar is a helluva way to start off the new year. Alex Culbreth, formerly of roots duet the Parlor Soldiers, demonstrates his versatility and virtuosity. Not a single note sounds false on this album.

Culbreth's earthy voice carries us through raucous foot-stompers about jilted lovers and plaintive ballads about breaking into the biz. I find that the album truly gathers steam with "I'm Going to Nashville," the aforementioned song about the music industry. 

Culbreth's depth as a writer is on full display in "Daisy," a twisted tale of a disturbed narrator and his relationship with Daisy. Is it a coincidence that his chimeric lover shares her name with Gatsby's true love? I wouldn't put it past Culbreth. There's too much love in this album for anything to be left to chance.

"Mercy Me" is also a notable song. A roots-rap piece, Culbreth avoids veering into kitsch, not an easy thing to do when resurrecting an abortive genre from the '90s (file under The Getaway People.)

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