Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Field Sleeper -- Stay Quiet, Stay Ahead

Let's veer away from pop to the decidedly esoteric.

Field Sleeper, an acoustic singer/songwriter based out of Ohio Wesleyan University, is intent on creating a sleepy, challenging ambiance. Not unlike Rosary Beard, Field Sleeper takes familiar elements of folk music and turns them into something wholly unique and challenging.

Field Sleeper's rugged vocals nicely complement his asymmetrical guitar melodies. Stay Quiet, Stay Ahead is an album you can leave on in the background, but expect to get sucked in by an unusual musical phrasing or finely-crafted lyric. This is music that's meant to be challenging, designed to push the envelope on our understanding of music. Field Sleeper does a good job, if I do say so myself: every note, every breath, every moment of silence, is intentional. Though it comes off as unassuming at first listen, Stay Quiet, Stay Asleep will demand your attention. Get your listening ears on.

Field Sleeper -- Bandcamp, Facebook

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