Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nick and the Ovorols -- Telegraph Taboo

There's really only thing you can say after spinning Nick and the Ovorols' debut album, Telegraph Taboo.

And that thing is "damn."

Nick Peraino's red-hot blues guitar (yes, I wrote that, and no, I only feel a little badly about it) smokes through track after track on the band's debut album. Peraino's passion for blues guitar is matched only by his backing band's intensity. 

If you like your music down and dirty and filled with life, you'll enjoy Telegraph Taboo. Peraino's hooks are irresistible and his excitement about his music is infectious. You can practically feel the steam heat rising off the band.

(UPDATE): You can buy the album on Amazon

Nick and the Ovorols -- Official, Facebook, Buy Telegraph Taboo 

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