Friday, January 18, 2013

Pots are the Potter is - Michael Cormier

We reviewed Michael Cormier's charming EP a little while ago. Now, the young multi-instrumentalist has released his first full-length album, Pots are. the Potter is. 

On his Bandcamp page, Cormier proudly declares that the album is "the inevitable product of twenty-one years of life." Now, since I've only got three years on him, I guess I shouldn't be jaded enough to find that amusing. That being said, I assure you that the album not in the least sophomoric.

This is music off the beaten path. It's a pleasure to hear a musician -- especially one so young -- take as many risks as Cormier. Sometimes it falls flat, but mostly Cormier and his partners and crime elevate us to new sonic heights. This is worth moving out of your comfort zone.

Michael Cormier -- Bandcamp

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