Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Paisley Fields -- Dixie Queen

Here's a roundabout story about some simply awesome music.

On Saturday, I went to Karen and the Sorrows' Queer Country Monthly. It was the kind of show that saves your life. While the Paisley Fields were not present at the show, I stumbled upon them after some inspired Internet surfing. (Hello, Homoground podcast.)

The Paisley Fields have a fascinating background. Like many folk singers in Brooklyn, Jessica Kimple is a classically trained opera vocalist. James Wilson, an award-winning songwriter, adds to the low-end of the vocal range and contributes carefully considered piano melodies. (As weird as this sounds, I hate pianos. Wilson's ability to wield his tastefully earns him many points in my book.) Wilson also spent an extensive amount of time in Japan studying Japanese music.

While the Paisley Fields have a traditional American sound, these songwriters bring a worldliness to our traditions. 

"Dixie Queen" is an irresistable piano punked-out romp telling a familiar story of a woman fallen on hard times. "Windows Fogged U" establishes The Paisley Fields' place on Homoground's radar. "Animal" and "Where Do I Start" are more contemplative pieces. 

Really, all I have to say is: when's the album coming out?

The Paisley Fields -- Official, Facebook

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