Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Todd May - Rickenbacker Girls

I saw Todd last Thursday down at Webster Hall. He followed a true turd of a band. A bunch of guys who were impressed with themselves for playing extended guitar solos, convinced they had invented '70s southern rock.

I've been wondering to myself, "Why did I hate them, but like this guy?" After all, if that other band was so derivative, there isn't exactly anything revolutionary about a guy with a guitar.

But here's the difference: Todd May meant every fucking word he sang.

A longtime friend of Micah and Shane from Two Cow Garage, Todd May plays a similar style of roots-oriented rock, though he takes a much softer approach. As it turns out, he originally wrote "Alphabet City," though Two Cow Garage recorded the song first.

It's an interesting study in interpretation: Two Cow's manic chord progressions bring out the song's themes of excess and debauchery. But May's recording, which takes a much more country-ish approach, tells the story of a young hayseed turned off by New York City's (or, at least, NYU's) freewheeling style.

But that's not to compare May to other artists. The guy stands on his own. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to find him.

Josephine Calling
Build a Better Rocket
Alphabet City

Todd May -- Peloton Records, Amazon


  1. I loved this review. "He followed a true turd of a band". Actually made me laugh out loud.

    Keep in mind, you DIDN'T just find out about this guy. You know of his band, Fort Shame.

  2. Actually, I wrote up the review for his album first. Then I realized it wasn't for sale yet (he sold the physical discs at his concert, but the digital download wasn't out yet.) So I re-scheduled the post but I didn't go back to change it.