Wednesday, March 27, 2013

El Cantador -- Translation Wave

Maybe it's an example of my changing tastes, maybe Brooklyn is desensitizing me to sweeping guitar-and-synthesizer soundscapes, or maybe it's just 'cuz I'm in my 20s, but I really enjoy El Cantador's latest album. Even if I can't tell you why.

However, Charles Hale over on Ninebullets summed up my thoughts on Translation Wave while reviewing an album that I passed on myself: at first, I heard a lot of noise. But I also heard something else, some virtue behind the distortion. After a few listens, I've come to appreciate the music. I still can't articulate what that virtue is, exactly, but I urge you to give Translation Wave a few listens.

So I still don't know what separates the noise rock wheat from the chaff, but El Cantador is certainly the cream of the crop.

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