Friday, April 26, 2013

Quiet Hollers -- I Am the Morning

Quiet Hollers is the perfect band to listen to if you're giving your life choices a serious think. Or maybe not, since it'll make you cry. Depends on what you need.

I Am the Morning is a series of meditations on mortality, life on the road, and lost love. So...your usual alt-country subject matter, but the Quiet Hollers gets it right every time. Not too shabby for a debut album. 

You'd never believe that these gents started out playing hardcore punk. While they are part of a growing tradition of punk rockers moving to roots music, these are not guys playing punk with acoustic guitars. What remains from their hardcore days is their ethos: frank and emotionally searing songs. 

When I thanked lead singer Shadwick Wilde for calling my attention to his band, I called the album "gorgeous." He said I was being "generous." I'll let you decide.

Quiet Holler --Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify

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