Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FREE MUSIC: Lance Howell -- This Town EP

Rabbit, rabbit, friends!

Spring is indisputably here, and that's why I've been scarce lately. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Here are some tunes I've been sitting on for a while, and you won't be sorry to hear them!

Lance Howell hails from Gainesville, Florida. Honestly, he makes me want to move down there. I guess I could make myself enjoy college sports.

Howell's 5-song EP is an efficient 5 punches to the gut. Howell sings about life on the road, loneliness, and trying to find new love while possibly still maybe lingering on the old one (which hit especially close to home - thanks for ruining my weekend, Lance -- but in a good way. Made me think.) Howell's approach is not gritty, but it's far from easy listening. I am especially excited for his future work.

You can download the songs for free on ReverbNation.

Lance Howell -- ReverbNation, Facebook


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  2. I have know this young man for about ten years and he has a way of writing about life that belies his age. He truly has a handle on the human conditioned and what touches peoples harts. I have seen people cry to his songs. We were playing in a front yard one day just seeing if the drummer and bass player were a fit and he played one of his song about an old man this woman started to cry and said that was my grandpa you wrote about, it is moment that I will never for get. He is in every since a great song writer, and a wonderful musician, and on top of it all a good man. I am proud to know him and to have had the chance to play music with him. It is one of the good things in my life.
    Frank Whitenack of Blues Lightning