Friday, June 21, 2013

Echo Bloom -- Blue

Geek culture is interesting. We take a form of entertainment that is seemingly cheap and disposable (say, a comic book superhero) and do what we can to make it into High Art (like, for example, an epic movie or a critically acclaimed graphic novel.) Those of us who reach god-tier status are those who actually succeed.

That being the case, Echo Bloom has reached god-tier status when it comes to gorgeously crafted, richly-textured pop music.
If you enjoyed Rosary Beard, you'll be pleased to enjoy similar music...this time, with lyrics that are just as enchanting as the music.

Echo Bloom bills itself as an Americana act, but I find that to be a bit of a misnomer. Frontman Kyle Evans' voice is just as rugged and road-weary as any cowpunk, but the recordings are too intricate for a campfire or basement bar. There's a real attention to detail here. It'll take you a few listens to fully appreciate the music's complexity. But since I'm considering this to be part of the basics -- music that's a shining example of what Adobe and Teardrops stands for -- I imagine you'll be listening to this a couple of times.

Echo Bloom -- Official, Facebook, Buy Blue

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