Friday, June 14, 2013

High Dive -- These Are Days EP

And ringing in a week of fantastic music is queer pop punk band High Dive's second release, These Are the Days. (Note it is also the second consecutive week of regular updates!)

I have been rabid fans of these gents since I listened to their debut EP, High Dive.

High Dive takes things a little less seriously this time around. While High Dive was successfully earnest without becoming sanctimonious, it's nice to see the band lighten up a bit. That's not to say it's a bad thing -- These Are Days' title track would be a self-indulgent tune about being a millennial if Toby Foster didn't believe in every tune he sang. Rather than coming off as bored or aimless, "These Are Days" could be a rallying point for folks my age if they poked their heads out of their bubbles long enough to listen.

Where High Dive was a much more political album, These Are Days is more personal, and therefore more relatable. But it's just as danceable. Get it, boys.

High Dive -- Official, Bandcamp

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