Friday, June 7, 2013

Jennifer Leonhardt -- Songs My Mother Sang

After a prolonged absence, Jennifer Leonhardt (you may remember her from the Pattycakes, an acclaimed band from the early aughts) has returned to her art with a truly moving album.

Songs My Mother Sang is a tribute to her late mother. Knowing nothing about Leonhardt's previous work, I can say that from her interpretations of the traditional songs featured here that she is an honest musician with a rare depth to her singing.

I suspect that these were the songs Leonhardt were raised on. It's easy to hear her attachment to them, at least. And after a long day, who doesn't need someone to sing them gently to sleep?

Jennifer Leonhardt -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook

1 comment:

  1. This is EXQUISITE music!Thank you for sharing Jennifer Leonhartd's spirit stirring, soulfull sound and beautifully compiled pieces here for all of us to hear!The musical instruments and voices are a revival experience! A mission of mine will be to share this everywhere!