Friday, June 28, 2013

Robb and the Handsome Few -- Robb and the Handsome Few

Friends, I hope that there is a place in your town where you can go that is never a disappointment. Good food, good drink, and excellent music, any night of the week. For me, that place is Rodeo Bar in NYC. It is my not-so-secret dream to eventually organize a concert for the blog, and I'd love to have it there.

Like all of my major life events since turning 21, I wound up at my favorite watering hole to celebrate the completion of my first year of teaching. (Incidentally, I just had a dream that my five most annoying students were standing at the foot of my bed, taunting me. And when I chased them out they took my towel.) We weren't there to see music, but Robb and the Handsome Few's chops and rugged good looks drew us in.

We arrived towards the end of their last set. A steamy Wednesday night, there were a few other folks in the audience. Robb and the band ripped through some fantastic covers and impressed us with their originals. They're not flashy in terms of performance, but you won't notice that because they (and you) are just too busy enjoying yourselves.

The songs on the EP are not as loud as the songs we heard last night. "Old New York" is the only song I heard live. It's definitely the strongest song on the EP -- it showcases the band's heart and optimism. I look forward to Robb and the gents committing some of the louder songs (there was one breakup song with the hook "You don't make love/You make up love" that I enjoyed) to tape.

But make sure you buy this EP so we all get to hear the album. If you're in the city, keep an eye out for these guys. They're poised for glory, but we have to help them get there.

Robb and the Handsome Few -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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