Monday, June 3, 2013

Scott Dennis -- Rearranging Furniture

My jaw dropped a little when I read that Scott Dennis was from Brooklyn. "Ada," Rearranging Furniture's opening track, sounds 500% Nashville.

It's not that Dennis sounds over-produced. There's a rich quality to "Ada" (and the other songs here) that feels so steeped in tradition and gentle naivety (at least that's what I get from classic country) that it could only have been performed by people committed to country enough to set up shop in Mecca itself.

Dennis calls to mind a less tipsy Roger Clyne. Of course, with songs like "That's My Lady" and "Donde Esta Mi Senorita?", Dennis knows what the bottom of a bottle looks like. That being said, his most impressive songs are those with a more somber outlook, like "Feelings in the Sand" and "Rearranging Furniture." Rearranging Furniture captures a vast range of emotion, no matter what the song's tempo is. Dennis is truly a gifted songsmith.

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