Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dead Professional -- Don't Be Cruel

I'll talk about Dead Professional's music in a moment, but first I'd like to thank him for spurring me to action. His music has been sitting in my "to write" queue for months now, but I really should have told you about it right away. I get dozens of solicitations a day. Lot of it is chaff but Don't Be Cruel is certainly wheat.

So to make sure I get you your Wheatina promptly, I'm going to try to make Adobe & Teardrops a daily blog. Part of the reason I didn't write every day is because, initially, I wasn't receiving enough music that I wanted to say nice things about. If I get more submissions like Dead Professional, that will change.

John Harouff, aka Dead Professional, is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter. Armed with a drum machine and his own bad self, the three tracks on Don't Be Cruel strip pop and classic rock to their most basic elements. But the sound is far from mechanical. Dead Professional highlights the core elements that make us love these genres and exploits them to devastating effect. I just wish the EP was longer.

Dead Professional --Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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