Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gas Money -- Untethered

Guys. Why don't I just move to Philadelphia? There's brewpubs out the wazoo and then there are bands like Gas Money.

Oh yeah. They have a completely dysfunctional public education system. No way I'd be able to find work there.

That's really my loss, because I'd haul ass to every single Gas Money show.

Gas Money has been doing what they do for a good long while now, and it shows: thundering rockabilly, sticky-sweet country ballads, toe-tapping swing. They're like a time machine to a 1950s roadhouse far deeper into Pennsatucky than the Schuykill.

Gas Money hangs with other Adobe & Teardrops favorites The Sparklers, The Miners, and Larabee. There's clearly an alt-country tour de force brewing in the City of Brotherly Love. Buy Untethered and maybe they'll share some of that love.

Gas Money -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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